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Celebrating all things Summer, let us take you back to warmer and simpler times with High Noon. Curated by Terry Barentsen and designed by Kristen Haff-Nichols, this 76-page, perfect bound, full color photo book features artists from across the country. Brought together by their love and practice of analog photography, the images in this book exude a sense of calm for the soul but urgency for those that are restless. Printed in limited numbers, only 40 copies of High Noon will be available for purchase.

Featuring work by: Terry Barentsen, Dylan Bigby, Nicole Browner, Zach Cooper, Austin Chu, Aaron Durand, Kyle Emery-Peck, Joshua Goldsmith, Annette Hartman, Tatum Mangus, Sovan Molika, Ulysses Ortega, Jarob J. Ortiz, Alessia Piccinini, John Reiss, Vicky Sinh, Terry Worona

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